July 16, 2004


Ok so things here are getting really annoying!  Nobody seems to know anything about the flights. Apparently some have been delayed for other units that weren't there as long as us and it is really starting to get old!  By the time they get done pushing flights back it's gone be September before they're home! Baumholder and Wisebaden don't/didn't seem to have these problems.
One has to wonder too about our senior leadership.  Webster's 1828 dictionary defines leading  as the following:
  •   LE'ADING, ppr.
    1. Guiding; conducting; preceding; drawing; alluring; passing life.
    2. a. Chief; principal; capital; most influential; as a leading motive; a leading man in a party.
    3. showing the way by going first.
    He left his mother a countess by patent, which was a new leading example.
    LE'ADING, n. Guidance; the act of conducting; direction.

Rather than showing the way or passing life,those who are in charge here seem more interested in their own needs then the needs of their troops and their families!   We would all like to have the opportunity to spend time with our loved ones and get to new duty stations.  There has been no obvious concerted effort by our command to expedite the home comings.

Maybe I'm just grousing a bit but I am not the only wife in our BN who feels this way. We are all beginning to wonder...........  How much longer? How hard can it be? Why can't the command step up to bat for us?




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ccb03 said...

is your husband in 2/3 fa? i have a friend in bravo battery that i haven't heard from yet and i was wondering if they were/are returning to giessen anytime soon. hopefully this is all almost over..good luck to you!

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