July 7, 2004

What a Day!

So yesterday was a doozy! I managed to get my computer "fixed" to where I can at least use it/get online but that took quite a bit of the day up. Then we had an FRG meeting(this is the spouses group for those of you who may be clueless) that I didn't really want to go to anyhow.

But it was my friends first meeting as leader so.....I was the FRG leader for this past year and I am quite happy to be DONE! I care about the ladies and thier needs, or I wouldn't have accepted, but I am TIRED!! It takes a lot of time and energy to deal with ladies and their issues when the guys ar in Garrison much less deployed! I spent over 300 hrs this past year taking care of business for the Battery (and that's just the hours I counted) which takes a lot away from my family.

So anyhow......in the middle of the meeting I get a call from my daughter because one of our windows broke! Thank goodness nobody was hurt! Right before the meeting I had called Victoria's Secret to check on my order and they tell me it may not be until the 20th. Tim will probably be home before that!!!!!!!!!!! I know I can wear a burlap sack and he'd be happy just to see me but I wanted something cute and kinda sexy. I ordered some jeans from Shepler's western wear last night so I guess which ever gets here first is what I will wear. Jeans, boots and nice shirt or a dress and stockings with a back seam.

Normall these would all be annoying but that's it. However, coming at the end of a deployment it's just one more thing I have to deal with and it's getting close to being the last straw! I am so tired. Tired of being a single parent, of dealing with all the little things that come up, of feeling abandoned even though I know I'm not, etc, etc, etc, etc.......

Hopefully today will be better.

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