February 8, 2008

How blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord....

I worry about this. As we are in another election year it has just been a burden on my heart that we who claim the name of Christ MUST pray this year and not just before elections but NOW! For the candidates and which two we will vote between (hmmm slim pickins it would appear at present.... ) and for our nation to return to the Lord!

Those who say it doesn't matter that Obama has a Muslim background obviously don't know much about Islam, not that I'm an expert but I do know this -- there are many millions who wish to see the US gone, see us as a threat to Islam because of our Christian heritage and would gladly go to the death both literally and figuratively to see that happen! We need to stand firm as never before, now when so many are wishy washy especially!

And did you see the story about stores in NY accepting the Euro?! HELLLLOOOO?! We are not part of Europe people and we need to maintain our national soverginty this is only going to make the dollar weaker and they would certainly never accept dollars instead of Euros! (I've lived in Europe so yes I do know that to be a fact!) When did we lose our intestinal fortitude and become so easily swayed?!!!

Nations have long looked to the US as an example beccause of our strength, our willingness to stand by our convictions rather than our acquiesence!!

Oh that we would once again stand firm!

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“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." .... Jeremiah 29:11 (esv)