March 8, 2008

Homeschooling Hostility

The latest in misguided attempts to outlaw homeschooling: a judge in CA is trying to say that you can not homeschool in CA without being a "credentialed" teacher. There's lots of info on the site pertaining to the case/ruling and a petition to sign urging the ruling be depublished. Gov. Schwarzenegger has said he disagrees with the ruling as well. I find it interesting that one of our most "liberal" states is so terribly narrowminded on the subject of homeschooling! (Did when we lived there too). Seems it's fine to be liberal so long as you agree with the liberals.... and this just in on yahoo:

Also the NEA's own resolutions state (2008 handbook - resolutions):

B-75. Home Schooling
The National Education Association
believes that home schooling programs
based on parental choice cannot provide
the student with a comprehensive education
experience. When home schooling
occurs, students enrolled must meet all
state curricular requirements, including
the taking and passing of assessments
to ensure adequate academic progress.
Home schooling should be limited to the
children of the immediate family, with
all expenses being borne by the parents/
guardians. Instruction should be by persons
who are licensed by the appropriate
state education licensure agency, and a
curriculum approved by the state department
of education should be used.
The Association also believes that
home-schooled students should not participate
in any extracurricular activities in
the public schools.
The Association further believes that
local public school systems should have
the authority to determine grade placement
and/or credits earned toward graduation
for students entering or re-entering
the public school setting from a home
school setting. (1988, 2006)

While I realize the group doesn't speak for every teacher they are nevertheless viewed as doing so by many. Many teachers express concern over the ability of parents to adequately teach their own children, while it is a valid concern and most who vocalize it are only doing so out of true caring for children it is nevertheless being disproved on a wide scale every year. There are of course idiots in every profession - both on the ps side and the homeschool side of teaching -- but should those who homeschool dismally make it illegal for the rest of us? Should those who teach dismally in ps make it illegal for those who do it well? Should one person with an agenda be able to speak for all? I think not nor should a special interest group (as I said they don't speak for all teachers) who act in many cases as a "union" (loosely used) be allowed to speak openly for all teachers many of whom see homeschooling as a valid option.

Interesting isn't it that those who are the most liberal and holler the most about free speech and such are often the very ones adamantly denying it to others.....? Wish to take away parental rights from those who don't conform?

Food for thought.

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