July 5, 2010

Love Gifts....!

Rilla the birdkiller! Ok so let me explain a bit ....

Our Westie apparently has an inborn taste for birds! She's now killed at least three of them and one was a full grown blue jay she snatched half out of the air! Yes those hunting instincts run deep folks! So yesterday was our latest "hunt" I let the dogs out to do their business and Rilla likes to linger so I left the door open and was perusing music for our 4th of July Concert (I'm a member of the Abilene Municipal Band) when I noticed Rilla was inside, happened to look down at the floor and there is a lovely dead bird right by my feet (thankfully fully intact!) AAH! So I told her I know she loves me but I really don't like her gifts!

How many times do we tell this to our spouse, kiddos, friends or even God? ouch!! When hubby shows me love by keeping the car running, helping around the house,etc do I thank him or feel slighted because it's not my love language? Now I am in no way knocking that series of books as I do beleive it's important to know what makes others feel most loved and try to meet that need for them (mine is gifts--- just not the dead bird kind! and quality time by the way two things hubby isn't the greatest at!), however it occurs to me that often we squelch others desire to show love for us because their "gifts" to us may not be what we would consider lovely, appropriate or even practical! The fact I long for hubby to leave sweet notes in the house, write letters when he's deployed, bring small creative things that don't cost much or hey if we have money something that costs much :); take the time to set up a weekend away without me having to make reservations, babysitters etc would make me feel deeply loved and appreciated and that he isn't great at that doesn't negate the fact he loves me!

Just as Rilla lovingly laid her precious bird at my feet with a wag of the tail and happy eyes (promptly pitched over the back fence!)hoping I would understand that she loves me, I need to be willing to see the love of others even when it's not obvious!
And most of all of the Lord even or maybe especially when He seems far away, deaf, slow or uncaring! Asking Him to open my eyes....

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“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." .... Jeremiah 29:11 (esv)