October 11, 2008

I love this one on facebook! The more I read the more I just am amazed at how people are not even thinking in this election. And no I'm not saying you have to Love McCain but if you value your freedom at all, understand the difference between socialism and a Christian worldview, don't want to see our country reverse the progress made on racial issues, value character, and the list could go on..... then how can you vote for Obama? And who votes a party line anymore? Consider all the issues and the candidates records. There are more important issues at stake this election then our pocketbooks.

Think people before you vote..


Nicolle Fletcher said...

Hey Holly,

I love this post. It is funny my hard fast rule is..if you don't know the issues please please please DON'T VOTE! The world is a safer place without that type of individual voting. Just my opinion! I personally am not thrilled by either candidate, so regardless the outcome prayer will be needed for all involved. Actually I think you and I should hold down the White House;) what do you say??? Love Ya Later...BTW early voting has begun it is better to vote now then wait in line for several hours.

Holly said...

Hey lady! Thanks... we already sent in our absentee ballots. The White House? I don't know... right now this house is getting away from me! Course we'd have staff to delegate too..

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“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." .... Jeremiah 29:11 (esv)