November 15, 2009

Favorite Vacation..

Ok so I'm a couple days late but here's some of our vacation memories! Bear in mind though that many of our "Vacations" take place the same time as a PCS move to another place!

I don't know if I have one that's a favorite though --

Hubby and I went to Paris in 03 for 4 days sans kiddos, lots of coffee, french food, walking everywhere!, sightseeing, chocolate, wine and hot sticky nights (Aug with no air conditioning!)

Our Cross Country Trip in 2004 would be one as well... we picked up our new van in VA (AAFES) and drove to NY to the I Love Lucy Museum for dd, then over to Ohio to see fil, on to Chicago (American Girl Place for both dd's-- payment for babysitting while Mom was the FRG leader during deployment!), down Illinois to see friends, Thanksgiving at Cracker Barrel, Red River Army Depot in Texarkana, N. Arkansas to the Cook Homeplace, St. Louis, Precious Moments Chapel, GW Carver monument, friends in OK, mil in Waco, my family in AZ and to Fort Irwin CA!

Then this move which was fun from CA to KS as we took Route 66 all the way and stopped at great little out of the way diners (Kingman has awesome rootbeer!), sang songs from Cars, etc.
We visited Gila Gliff Dwellings with my Mom and Dad and reserved a B&B near the dwellings based on what we saw online! Well on the way there my Mom started having a panic attack and wasn't dealing with the twisty windy roads (ear issues) so we finally got there and she was all nervous and anxious. However the B&B was an old schoolhouse but was run by a bunch of hippies and while it was fine accomadations wasn't EXACTLY what we were thinking! A bit shabby round the edges and very much a communal breakfast with liberal ideas floating around! Needless to say Dad was ready to GO almost as soon as he got up! :) Did manage to get Mom a glass of wine and a dip in the natural hot tub (small) then visited the dwelling the next day and on to Silver City.

So many great memories along the way as well --- unexpected hospital visits in NM, traveling with two dogs and a rabbit, the Grand Canyon (where hubby and I met), White Sands (once a stopover every summer on the way to Ark, now our families general stop on the way to AZ), flights overseas, whirlwind tour of DC and Arlington when it was FREEZING cold, Noah freaking out because he realized he was stepping on live critters at Cabrillo Ntl Monument during a extreme minus tide, ....

Just a few of our adventures!

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