December 11, 2010

You Might be a Military Wife at Christmas if.......

                                             have any camoflauge, yellow ribbons, military vehicles/emblems/slogans or red white and blue ornaments anywhere in your decorating scheme.

2. ... you are waiting to talk to your hubby on skype Christmas morning/phone call/other technology wives didn't have 20 years ago because he's in another country

3.. ..home for Christmas means where you live now not where you were raised

4..... you've ever spent Christmas in guest housing/lodging/billeting and decorated the room!

5.... Christmas season was the same as PCS season at least once in your marriage

6... your children know that things aren't as important as who you're with

7 .... family time at Christmas means you, hubby and children because he wasn't home last year

8... you've mailed a Christmas tree and ornaments downrange

9... you've received presents from another culture/country

10 ... your family traditions are a mixture from different duty stations (tamales Christmas eve from the Southwest, Weinacht's Pyramids and Gluhwein from Germany, St. Nicholas Day, Desert themed items,etc...)

11.... you  read the Soldier's Night Before Christmas book and understand all the terms

12 ... you've eaten at the DFAC cause you didn't want to cook, it's reasonable and you could be with other loved military families that day

13.... you've gone on "holiday home tours" just to see what the inside of the General's/ Base Commander's  house looks like!

14... Christmas Eve Service means dressing up and guys in dress uniforms

15 .... sometimes you wonder if anyone remembers the family's as they go about their Christmas times and it's irritating when they ask about hubby but not you yet you're not sure they really want to hear everything if they ask so you just say "fine".

16 ...  coupons for dinner once a week with friends would make an awesome stocking stuffer!

17 ...  you know civilians don't "know how you do it" and frankly neither do you but you wouldn't trade this life for anything!

18 ... you've braved the midnight sales at the PX/BX/NEX for that one special item

19 ... you've posted an add in the newspaper with your honey's picture and a message just for him

20 .... you have no idea what he wants/needs for Christmas so a sexy picture of you will have to do ....

21... you've ever sent out military themed baby announcements "Our New Recruit..." etc

22... you've ever held Christmas for just a few days cause Dad will be home by then

23... the best Christmas present was when he showed up unannounced on Christmas Eve

24.... you know exactly where all the Christmas decorations are, the breaker box and how to hang lights,etc but that doesn't mean you want to cause it's just one more reminder he's not home... but you do it anyway!

25 ... you've ever spray painted little green plastic Army men gold in order to make them ornaments for the tree in your boy's room

26.... God has given you the gift of understanding just a little better what it means to sacrifice someone you love for someone else's good...

(of course there's more and I could go on but ..... check out others lists at Wives of Faith Christmas Blog Carnival)



Crystal said...

A perfect list! Some I meant to have added to my list (i.e. home is where you are), and some I don't quite understand being an AF wife, but a very great list indeed! Happy holiday season & Merry Christmas! =)

Amber said...

This is a great list!

Beth said...

This was awesome. I cried.

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“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." .... Jeremiah 29:11 (esv)