October 1, 2014


Hi all,

   So yeah there's that whole thing about trying to write more, trust me I'm still working on that! But my apologies -again - for not doing so so far. Transformation is tough stuff!

One of the areas God's been talking to me about is Forgiveness... in various ways, but one way was that I was privileged to be part of the Launch Team for Sara Horn's new book which releases TODAY!

I was able to meet Sara at a previous PWOC conference and chat with her briefly, as well as lead an online study for her book "Tour of Duty". I love all of her books - if you've not read God Strong and are a military wife, you really should! At first glance I admit it, I thought what can a part-time/reservist Seabee wife have to say to me as a full time/active duty Army wife with several deployments and years under her belt?! I mean the Navy generally doesn't even deploy as long or into as dangerous as places ...."The arrogance of some people"... sorry we just watched Robots recently, anyhow it's a great book but back to the subject...

Forgiveness is easy to talk about, hey we all KNOW we should whether you are a Christian or not. I mean there's study after study out there talking about how it's good for us, etc; but it sure can be awfully hard to do! Especially if it's an ongoing hurt from the same person, something you've tried to address repeatedly or traumatic.  Sara does a great job in the book of breaking down why we should, tips on how to do so and is very real with her own struggles on the subject. I was in tears for much of the book and I'm sure I will be revisiting it frequently.

You can find a free chapter sneak peek here...http://www.sarahorn.com/books/how-can-i-possibly-forgive/

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Natasha said...

Forgiveness is easy to talk about, just not so easy to do. Enjoyed your post!

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“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for wholeness and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope." .... Jeremiah 29:11 (esv)