December 7, 2010

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas....

Without Linzer Star Cookies/HelgaPlatz! (we use a different shaped cutter but you get the idea, ours is more like the stars you see over the manger on Christmas cards). My German neighbor, Sabine, taught me to make these the first Christmas we were at Fort Benning Georgia -- which was our first real Christmas in our own home as well. Ever since then, no matter where we live we've made these cookies every Christmas- ok except the two we were in transit but still...!! I've looked up recipes before and none are quite like the ones we make -- paper thin before sandwiching, buttery and crisp; they taste better after sitting a day or so too!
My girls love to help roll out the dough, cut and bake til barely golden, any longer and they get to crisp and fall apart, then fill with just enough red currant jelly to fill the "hole" but not ooze everywhere then dust with powdered sugar (cherry or raspberry have filled in if we can't find currant but they're not quite the same!). Every year we make cookies for our neighbors and friends, wrap them in cellophane and attach an ornament or card and these MUST be included!
Time, money and labor intensive but worth every bite and every memory!

(umm ok so after reading many of the others posts in the carnival everyone talks about Christ, their husbands and kiddos and I feel sheepish talking about our cookies but these are givens for me - Christmas just wouldn't even exist without Jesus --yeah yeah I know the pagan part would but not the reality of the Cross, that baby didn't stay in the manager! Praise be to God!; Hubby isn't here again this year but Christmas goes on, and my kiddos - well I can't wait til they're all home and noisy again! :) and so ya get the cookies....sorry! LOL)


Ebony S said...

(popping over from WoF)
Those look like so much fun! They remind me of the Stained Glass window cookies we used to make when I was younger :)

Crystal said...

Haahaaha, but you know what, there's so many things Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without, and cookies are one of them! They look delish. I don't think I've ever had anything like them.

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