December 9, 2011

You might be a military wife at Christmas if .....

1. -- you have camouflage of any kind as part of your decorating scheme   or your use little Army men spray painted gold! (I think I  need these ornaments!)

2. -- you have moved lock stock and barrel during the Christmas season (usually to someplace you don't have the proper clothing for!)

3. -- you have spent Christmas in guest housing/billeting with a tiny tree from Walmart/Hobby Lobby/Michael's,etc and ornaments the kiddos made or you let them randomly choose!

4. -- you have a yellow ribbon or a camouflage heart somewhere on your tree to remind you of those who spend Christmas apart (even during peace time), and a lighted yellow ribbon on the lawn

5. -- you decorate in a red white and blue or patriotic theme 

6. -- you know what a ChristKindl markt, gluwein, marzipan, Dec 6th, Weinacths Chocolate, and Kinder Eggs are OR have any other "foreign" celebrations as part of the your holiday traditions  ....

7. ... celebrating with your military family instead of blood relations is ok with you, cause they're just as close anyway!

8.....know what it means to sacrifice your holiday wishes so others can have theirs even if they don't know it.

9.... have sent a picture to hubby downrange of you in christmas lingere/just his "blouse" or a bow and a Santa hat  in front of the tree....

10 ... have ever sent a christmas tree and ornaments to a foreign country  just so the "boys" can have a little touch of Christmas in their tent/room/chu/palace/barracks...

11... have sent chistmas cards addressed to any soldier because you hope someone is for yours and you can't stand the thought of someone not getting anything for Christmas!

12 .... own the book " The Soldiers Night before Christmas" (or other branch versions if they exist)

13.... your children know that Christmas really isn't about stuff but about being together (even if it IS in guest housing or Christmas Dinner is at Cracker Barrel) but of course still ask for stuff! ;)

14 .... you hang up his stocking anyway and have a framed photo surrounded by greenary

15 ... you carry your cell phone everywhere Christmas Eve/Day hoping he'll call....

16 .... you don't live in the States but Christmas overseas has it's own kind of magic!

17 ... you've ever sung Silent Night in German around a lit tree outside with both German and American friends (or other languages and places you might be)

18 ... know that it's ok if you can't get "home" for Christmas because HOME is where the Lord sends you anyhow!

19 .... your Christmas card list includes addresses literally all over the world!

20 ... you've ever made your kids get up on the roof to hang lights cause Daddy's not home and you have to stay on the ground to supervise (Fort Irwin in the wind is fun!)

21 .. you know how to hang lights, fix broken toys, defrost locks and change flats, scrape the windshield daily and can change shoveling snow into a fun race but you'd rather hubby was home to do it......because each thing reminds you he's not home ....

22 ... you've discussed what Christmas is like (weather, traditions, was Jesus born at Christmas,etc)  in the Middle East or wherever  Dad is this year and counted it as a homeschool lesson!

23... you've "moved" Christmas because  the day is not as important as what day he's coming home!

24... you consider The service songs to be Christmas Carols too!  (and you may not know the words to everybody elses but you know yours and so do your children!! The Cassions go rolling along....)

25 ... you are part of a unique sisterhood who understand what it's like to do any or all of the above and then some!

I'm sure I could go on or come up with more but I hope you liked my list so far sure to check out other's lists/ideas/posts at Wives of Faith  ... today's the last day for the blog carnival! Personally I'd love continue but tis not to be! Merry Christmas to all my "sister's in arms" wherever you may be!


Reccewife said...

ooo, we just got a "Soldier's Night Because Christmas", Can't believe we didn't konw it existed! And here in Canada, we have Kinder Eggs all the time :)

Holly said...

sigh ... yes the FDA has decided they're a choking hazard and outlawed them in the States -- don't get me started! Enjoy one for us!! :)

Semper Wifey said...

These are great! Santa lingerie...ow ow! Cute! ;)

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